Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Seven Steps To A Terrific Life

Develop a “positive mindset” and take charge of Your Life - NOW!

When did you begin to think and behave the way you are thinking and behaving now? When did you decide on the job you have, and against the job you want? When did you decide that the money you make now is all you can make? Did you decide?

Seven Steps To A Terrific Life is an audio programme about changing the way you think about yourself and the way you see yourself.

The starting point for success is knowing and believing who you are. Changing the way you think about yourself and your capabilities will open you to new opportunities - to be, do and have anything you want in your life. So how can we do this?"

This audio programme contains real answers to that question. Seven steps to a terrific life introduces you to seven simple and practical, yet powerful principles that can bring about positive change in your life as you make application.

By following these seven simple steps, we can understand how to break the cycles that keep us on the outside looking in, instead of where we truly wish to be.

This audio programme will open your mind and your eyes to a world which has always been there; but to which you have not had access.

How often have we found ourselves thinking there is something lacking in our own lives? By Changing the way we think about ourselves we remove the lack in our own lives. We remove the unnamed need that eats away at our day to day lives. By Changing the way we think about ourselves, we walk away from a life that is constantly needing repairs and begin a life that rewrites our reality.

Whether we know it or not, our energies are focused and those energies are working in our lives, for better or worse. Like electricity, our own energies do not decide they will work in one area, and not another. Electricity doesn't stop working because the toaster is bad or the stereo is on a negative channel. Electricity flows through the circuit until it is complete. Our energies act in exactly the same way.

Seven Steps To A Terrific life expands this simple life truth, and shows you how to change your circuit path so the things you want in your life receive the energy, rather than sending it to the things that are strapping you down.

Listen to
Seven Steps To A Terrific Life today, and start putting focus and energy into your own success.